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Dating Genealogical Photos Using Clothing and Hairstyles as Clues

by Julie Pickett on 07/14/13

At times family photos are kept with no information about them included, making them some of the many mysteries to be solved in genealogical research. At our last meeting on July 13, 2013, Suzanne Parker gave a highly informative and interesting presentation on using the clothing and hairstyles of those in the photos to help us acquire information about the time period. Several members commented on how much they enjoyed her talk and as a result of it we know of at least one family photo mystery that was solved. Thank you, Suzanne!

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1. Kathy Gibson said on 8/7/13 - 10:47AM
The 35-page presentation Suzanne did is very interesting. Makes me think of all the photos I have from those various eras. And in the 40's women's clothing I could see my mother! Wish I could have been there to see Suzanne's presentation. It must have been really informative!

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